10 Things To Do In Banyuwangi

Things to do Banyuwangi bromo ijen tour

Top things to do in Banyuwangi, the 10 list to experience the best of Banyuwangi.

Located in eastern tip of Java Island, Banyuwangi is the connecting city between Java and Bali. Offering more than the beauty nature of tropical paradise from charming beaches to marvelous set of volcano mountain, as the home of Osing indigenous tribe, Banyuwangi also rich in culture and art connected to it’s ancestral tradition. And here are the selected things to do to experience the best of Banyuwangi.

1. Sukamade Beach, release the baby turtle into the sea

Sukamade turtle beach
Sukamade turtle beach @apri.ep

Deep into the lush green wilderness nature of Meru Betiri National Park, Sukamade beach is natural, quiet and beautiful place. Also well known as the center of turtle conservation. The hatchery facility is open to take a closer look and learn about the conservation process where the young turtles are incubated here.
Overnight stay at Meru Betiri National Park is recommended as you can take a guided tour by night looking for giant turtle lay eggs at the beach. Followed by early morning release of baby turtles into the sea.

2. Teluk Hijau (Green Bay)

Green Bay
Tekuk Hijau (Green Bay)

Is a hidden paradise not far away from Sukamade beach. A fabulously attractive bay with cliffs abutting a white sand beach.

3. Pulau Merah (Red Island), surfing camp paradise

Pulau Merah
Pulau Merah @ekosumartopo

Pulau Merah offers more than stunning beach view with an unique small island arise from the sea near the beach. Sunset is the best time to witness the beauty of this beach. Its the right place to get away, relax and surf. The perfect destination to learn and improve your surfing skill offering uncrowded and fun sand-bottom waves. Just get ready for a real off the beaten track local surfing experience!

4. Bangsring Underwater

Bangsring Underwater
Bangsring Underwater @banyuwangi_tourism

Was a traditional fisherman village, Bangsring is developing a lot into the center of Marine conservation and Education due to the local awareness of environmental issue approaching their sea resources and ecosystem.
Across the Bangsring beach, lies a floating house called “Rumah Apung” where the locals also build a shark breeding area for education and recreational purpose where you can jump into it and swim with the sharks. Bangsring also offer you a snorkeling experience to enjoy underwater beauty with great array of coral reefs diversity.
Other activities like riding a canoe, paddle and banana boat are also available at Bangsring beach.

5. Pulau Tabuhan

Pulau Tabuhan
Pulau Tabuhan

Famously the best kitesurfing destination in Indonesia and one of Asia’s best. As the constant wind speed over the Island is between 20-25 knots.
This secluded island is reachable by boat from Bangsring beach. Tabuhan is quite a small island with a beautiful untouched scenery, wide sandy beaches and miraculous underwater life. Snorkeling and scuba diving here is very much recommended.
On the land, Tabuhan is also the home of protected endangered animals like hornbill and maleo bird.

6. Teluk Biru (Blue Bay)

Teluk Biru
Teluk Biru @sky15_ricky

Is quiet an unexplored beach located inside the protective area of Alas Purwo National Park. Teluk Biru is reachable by boat of traditional fisherman at Muncar village. Offering the charming beauty of sparkling blue ocean, green cliffs and a small lagoon. The underwater beauty of Teluk Biru with such a rich and colorful marine life is sure to be your snorkeling alternative destination.

7. Bedul Mangrove Forest, a boat tour along the river in the middle of mangrove forest at Alas Purwo National Park

Boat tour at Bedul Mangrove Forest
Boat tour at Bedul Mangrove Forest

Bedul mangrove forest is located inside the area of Alas Purwo National Park. The Park is made up of mangroves, savannas, lowland monsoon forest and coral fringed beaches. And considered to have the most natural tropical rainforest and the oldest in Java. Also rich in flora and fauna diversity.
To start a journey exploring the Alas Purwo National Park, take a traditional boat across the river of “Segara Anak” with a scenic view of Bedul Mangrove forest on both riverside.

8. Kawah Ijen, blue fire and acidic crater lake

Ijen Crater
Ijen Crater @yati_nhayati

Surreal Blue Flame phenomenon, milky blue lake and sulfur miner activity is the short description we have for Mt Ijen.
Mount Ijen is one of the most wonderful natural mountain landscape you would ever experience. Pre-dawn hike to reach the crater rim of Ijen than followed by a hike down to reach the Ijen’ caldera is recommended to get the best time experiencing the surreal beauty of Blue Flame phenomenon. The Blue Flame will appear at it’s best by the dark.
The turquoise acidic crater lake with foggy sulfur fumes is the real beauty of unique mountainous lake you’ll experience at Mount Ijen. Along this trekking route, you will meet the local sulfur miner at work. Transferring the sulfur up and down the mountain in a traditional way.

9. Kemiren Village, experience the life of Osing

Kemiren Osing Cultural Village

The Osing are one of minority ethnic group still surviving in East Java, based in Banyuwangi. And Osing cultural heritage still remain by the existing of Kemiren village.

10. Bajulmati Reservoir

Waduk Bajulmati
Waduk Bajulmati @aryannie1604

A reservoir with a view! Bajulmati is arguably the most scenic reservoir. This place is like a small piece of Raja Ampat.

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