10 Things To Do In Malang

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Things to do In Malang, The Top 10 List To Experience The Best Of Malang.

Malang is arguably the most comfortable city for traveler looking for a place to relaxed and stay overnight and willing to go to Bromo or doing a daytrip to Tumpak Sewu waterfall . And here we comes a selection of things to do in Malang so you have a memorable experience and in love more with the city.

1. Kampung Warna Jodipan

Kampun Warna Jodipan Malang
Kampun Warna Jodipan @wawan8011

Set in by both riverside, let’s take some time to walk inside the village and wandering around the colorful and decorated houses of Jodipan.

We do very proudind happy with the new look of Jodipan village. Houses are painted colorfuly everywhere, 3D pictures are hand-drawn in some walls and a lot of positive changes are made after Jodipan becomes a popular destination in Malang. This color give more value of life for the people who live in the village.

2. Polowijen Cultural Village, the iconic Topeng Malangan

Polowijen cultural village Malang
A ceremonial event at Polowijen cultural village @kampung_budaya_polowijen

Not far away from the city, Polowijen is a village of Topeng Malangan. It is a mask in an iconic form that shows the value of Malang authentic art and tradition. Wear in traditional dance and performance, Topeng Malangan comes with many kinds of character that bring each unique story.

3. Singhasari Temple

Candi Singosari
Candi Singosari @yovi_507

A temple from the ancient Singosari Kingdom era, was built in 1300 AD. This temple is very much conected with the last king of Sighasari kingdom, King Kertanegara. And like the other temple, relief are shown as an authentic story of the greatness kingdom that is connected within the temple.

4. Wonosari Tea Plantation

Wonosari Tea Plantation
Wonosari Tea Plantation @irwans_25

Situated at the slope of Mount Arjuna,Wonosari has a calm and beauiful tea plantation panorama. A morning visit and you couldn’t ask for a better thing to start the day. Look at how the farmer are harvesting the leaves for the finest taste, see the prosses of making a tea from fresh leaves to a tea that ready to drink. Wonosari tea plantation has what it takes to share the new experience with you.

5. Budug Asu sunrise viewpoint

Budug Asu sunrise viewpoint
Budug Asu sunrise viewpoint @christinaeka

Looking for an adventure during your relaxed itinerary while you are in Malang? Hike the trail of Budug Asu hill by the time of pre-dawn to witness the sunrise view from top of the hill. Located at the foot of Mount Arjuna, the sunrise just appear on top of beautifull greeneries landscape with a mountain set backdrop of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

6. Ijen Boulevard, walk along the scenic street of Jalan Ijen

Jalan Ijen Malang
Jalan Ijen Malang @faisholfai

Was a dutch colonial resident that house the dutch with its authentic building architecture. In fact, some houses have been renovated due to the need of each owner, as in nowadays the houses are home to  Malang’ “millionaire” resident, the trace of dutch colonial architecture are still there for you to admire.

7. Brawijaya Museum

Museum Brawijaya
Museum Brawijaya

Located at Ijen Boulevard, the museum was first built at 1968. The museum shows some war vehicle used during the era of “battle for freedom”.

8. Toko Oen, oldest ice cream parlour in Malang

Toko Oen Malang
Toko Oen Malang @danieldeka

Toko Oen is one of thoose dutch colonial building still remain in Malang. And house the same function since it was built in 1930. As a historic landmark, building style is still like it used to be in the past. A very much nostalgic place to enjoy ice cream and delicious dishes.

9. Banyu Anjlok Waterfall and Beach

Banyu Anjlok Lenggoksono
Banyu Anjlok Lenggoksono @nzrnijam

Malang for beaches and our only pick is for Banyu Anjlok beach. Reachable by boat from Lenggoksono beach, Banyu Anjlok comes with an exceptional view of wateterfall that connect to the beach and natural infinity pool with a sea view.

10. Inggil Museum Resto

Inggil Museum Resto
Inggil Museum Resto @ivone_pa

This restaurant bring the athmosphere of Javanese art and tradition.  Iconic javanese art like wayang kulit puppet, mask and some old photos are decoreted in walls and every corner of this unique restaurant in Malang . Inggil is also a good place to taste delicious Javanese dishes.

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