10 Things To Do In Surabaya

Surabaya Tugu Pahlawan Area

Here is our top things to do in Surabaya, the 10 list to experience the best of Surabaya.

Surabaya, the capital of East Java province, home for around 3 million residence. Is also¬† second largest city after Jakarta. Famously known as “city of heroes” due to the historic battle to regain the independence.

For traveler that going to vissit Mount Bromo, Surabaya is a base to start the trip. Sometimes for a direct transfer to Bromo on their arrival by plane or train in Surabaya, so they missing a unique urban experience in this iconic city. Is worth a try to spend a day to explore the city as we select the top 10 thing to do in Surabaya.

1. Tugu Pahlawan

Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya
Tugu Pahlawan Surabaya @ardy_putra

An iconic national monument and a museum that record the greatness of Indonesia fighting spirit during the 10 november 1945 clash between people of surabaya and the Dutch. On that time people of Surabaya regain their right of their own freedom. Fyi, every 10 November there will always be a special event in this area to celebrate on the heroic day.

2. Jembatan Merah

Jembatan Merah Surabaya
Jembatan Merah @yuyungabadi

Here is the very important monument for the people of Surabaya to remember the history, “the battle of Surabaya” is heroic people movement against colonialism. Jembatan Merah, simply is a bridge in red over the river of Kalimas but once again, the priceless history that make Jembatan Merah becomes one of important historic monument in Surabaya. The surrounding area, long time ago was being admired as the central base of the Dutch. And until now, old decorated building in a dutch colonial style are still exist.

3. House Of Sampoerna

Is a museum of tobacco prosessing for making an Indonesian cigarrete. Okay, is it worth a vissit to a ciggarete museum? And here is one of the reason to take it for sure. This museum building design is influence a lot by the Dutch colonial architecture and was firt build on 1962. So it is one of herritage building in Surabaya.
Let’s back about the museum, here to know an Indonesian cigarete, a combining of tobaco and cloves. Yes, a mix smell of cloves is Indonesia cigarete style.

4. Surabaya Herritage Track

Surabaya Heritage Track
Surabaya Heritage Track @agustinross

Is a bus tour in a city provided by House Of Sampoerna. This free guuided tour will go around the city to visit some places and sightseeing some herritage building. Take this tour for in depth information about herritage sites in Surabaya.

5. Afternoon Tea At Hotel Majapahit


A herritage building with authentic dutch colonial building style that is being mantain and given function as a hotel. This hotel embraced the value of history to remind the glorius moment of gaining the indenpendence of Indonesia.

Fyi, by afternoon they serve a fine tea.

6. Rumah Batik Surabaya

Batik is the pride of Indonesia. Regions all across Java have their own iconic batik. Probably not as famous as batik from Pekalongan, Yogya and Solo in Central Java. East Java has their own kinds of batik. The pattern is symbolize the origin. Here, Rumah Batik Surabaya has the complete collection of batik from allover East Java cities.

7. Pasar Pabean

Pasar Pabean
Pasar Pabean @max shuster

Is a market in this metropolitan city that still offer the unique style of traditional market.

8. Surabaya North Quay

Looking to witness a moment of sunset? SNQ is the right place. Located near the Tanjung Perak harbor, this place have sea view. International cruise often stop by this place, you can have a closer look from here.

9. Jalesveva Jayamahe Monument

Monumem Jalesveva Jayamahe Surabaya
Monumem Jalesveva Jayamahe

Is a symbol of Indonesian navy greatness. Jalesveva Monument is located inside the teritorial base if Indonesia Navy.

10. Monumen Kapal Selam (Submarine Museum)

Monumen Kapal Selam Pasopati
Monumen Kapal Selam Pasopati

Submarine in the middle of town? Yes, it is a Russian made submarine and was used by Indonesia Navy called “KRI Pasopati 401”. Get inside the submarine and see yourself the submarine interior. You can also watch a screening of documentary movie title the battle of Laut Aru.

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