Bangsring Underwater : Marine Conservation Based Community

rumah apung bangsring

Bangsring Underwater is also a community of traditional fisherman conserving the marine resources and ecosystem functions.

Due to the issue of over-fishing, destructive fishing practices and pollution from land-based sources long time ago. A community of traditional fisherman take very good initiative to protect their sea resources across Bangsring beach. They are BUNDER (Bangsring Underwater) community that is working together to promote Bangsring as the center of marine conservation area. By the time now, Bangsring Underwater developed into one of the best destination to visit in East Java when it comes to the sea life and underwater tourism.

Entering the sea conservation zone, lies a floating house called “Rumah Apung”, one of the main attraction when visit Bangsring. Here, traveler could experience the heartbreaking sensation of swimming with some baby sharks. The locals make a sharks pool area for recreational and educational purpose. A lot of small fishes are surrounding Rumah Apung, you can swim with them.

Bangsring also famous for its underwater beauty. The snorkeling paradise in East Java. Bangsring Underwater is such a new life for the local traditional fisherman. Now they have a good understanding of marine ecosystem and actively participate in marine conservation and education. Visitor come to Bangsring are welcome if they want to participate to conserve and transplanting coral.

Stop fishing means villager in Basgring should find another way to make a living. They make it for no regret as some people are learning to guide snorkeling activities, learning to dive and have license, fishing boat are used to transport people from Bangsring to Tabuhan Island. They generate income from Bangsring Underwater as a tourist destination and constantly do conseravation activity by transplanting coral reef. Such a sustainable tourism application that bring goodness to nature and people.

While you visit Bangsring, you won’t regret to ride a boat and visit Tabuhan Island. A small island in the middle of Bali strait.

Pulau Tabuhan
Pulau Tabuhan

Tabuhan is well known for one of the best kitesurfing destination in Asia. International kitesurfing event is also ocassionally held in this small and beautifull island. Meanwhile, its beauty is dominated by white sand and small forest that homes to some birds. A peacful and beatiful island to spend the day.

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