Edelweiss Village : For The Good Of Tengger

edelweiss village wonokitri

Edelweiss Village is a community based tourism village doing an Edelweiss flower conservation activities.

Edelweiss around Bromo Tenger Semeru National Park is typically a Javanese one, called Edelweis Jawa (Anaphalis javanica ), while Tengger people of Bromo also call it Senduro flower. And tourist also call it the everlasting flower because its adaptability to live in days without water and soil. The beauty of Edelweiss attracts tourism to wildly pick it up and the illegal trading for tourism satisfaction or souvenir are become the reason why during years, the extinction of Edelweiss is seriously endangered. But all the worries are gone by the conservation activity in the Edelweiss village. The commercial chain for the needs of Edelweiss is begin to change in a more sustainable manner.

Since 2010, the governing body of Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park already led some villages in Bromo area to do Edelweiss conservation. This community-based village is also developing into a new tourism site for Edelweiss, especially Javanese Edelweiss. Two Tenggerese villages already growing into the role model of Edelweiss conservation village, they are Wonokitri and Ngadisari village. This is not only a new hope for the good of Edelweiss, but also for the culture of Tengger people because Edelweiss is used in sacred ceremonial of the Hindu Tenggerese belief.

Edelweiss conservation village as tourism site is very interesting because the tourist will have a better understanding about Edelweiss. Get in touch with the local and see how the conservation is being done by the Tenggerese. And when possible, they also open for tourist to actively participate in the conservation activity. So, its travelers time to give a positive impact for the good of Edelweiss by take a visit to the village.

In Wonokitri, edelweiss are grown in every front yard houses. A productive gardening to support the aspect of conservation, economy and culture of Tenggerese. In term of recreatinal purpose, visitor can enjoy the surrounding nature of the village. A typical village in the mountain with greeneries view and fresh air.

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